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From Care2:
Victory! Georgia Aquarium Won’t Be Getting Wild-Caught Belugas


“…This week a victory for everyone who has been opposing the import finally came when Georgia Aquarium announced it would give up on trying to get these belugas, writing in a statement:

As many have come to know, Georgia Aquarium has been diligent in our ongoing efforts to ensure the approval of this import. However, several weeks ago, we learned of the U.S. District Court’s denial of our permit. Although we firmly disagree with the Judge’s ruling, after much consideration we have chosen not to appeal the decision. Extending the appeal process would only add to an already lengthy series of legal proceedings, and we believe our decision is in the best interest of the beluga whales residing in Russia.

Diligent is certainly one word to describe what they’ve been doing. While the Georgia Aquarium and other facilities continue to claim keeping cetaceans captive supports education and conservation goals, the tide of public opinion continues to turn against them – especially when it comes to wild captures…..”

E. Fudd