• Very cool….

    Rebuilding the salmon population in Czech Republic (more pics at link above) E. Fudd

  • Iceland – it’s the 21st Century now….?!?

    What **possible** reason could you still have for whaling? Really? Iceland resumes whale hunting, endangered Fin Whale killed Icelandic news outlets are reporting that an Icelandic whaling company, Hvalur hf, “caught its first fin whale yesterday evening,” after sailing out yesterday with two boats, both due back in port today. Fin whales are the second-largest […]

  • Clean that Sound!

    You don’t have to convince me! Well said, and THANK YOU! From the Seattle Times: Guest: We must keep boat sewage out of Puget Sound Marine vessels are still allowed to empty their sewage tanks directly into this cherished and invaluable ecosystem. This environmentally unsound and fiscally irresponsible practice must end, writes guest columnist Peter […]

  • Protect Porbeagle Sharks!

    Yet another example of man saying one thing, and doing another. Hopefully we can pull back before we kill yet another species off forever…. 🙁 From Care2: Poor Porbeagle Sharks in Desperate Need of Your Attention Whenever someone says the word “shark,” the great white from Jaws usually swims to mind. Unfortunately, many shark species, […]

  • very sad…… :(

    From Newsvine: Wayward dolphin dies in polluted New York canal NEW YORK — A wayward dolphin that meandered into a polluted urban canal, riveting onlookers as it splashed around in the filthy water and shook black gunk from its snout, died Friday evening, marine experts said. The deep-freeze weather hadn’t seemed to faze the dolphin […]

  • Great News for Sharks!

    EU takes major step to protect sharks woo hoo! E. Fudd

  • Little fish, BIG opportunity

    from Care2: The Bottom Line: Big Opportunity for Pacific Fish Note: This is a guest post from Lee Crockett, Director of U.S. Fisheries Campaigns at the Pew Environment Group. Our nation’s West Coast is known worldwide for the rich and iconic marine life that can be found off its shores. In fact, countless tourists travel […]

  • BP’s business model: Montgomery Burns.

    BP takes a page out of Mr. Burns’ business model: E. Fudd

  • Knock ’em Down! :)

    Despite years of opposition from Skeletor (otherwise known as ‘lying asshole’) and other obstinates, the Elwha river dam is coming DOWN. Cheers to the hard work of the green groups and Indian tribes who made this happen over many, many years. link here. E. Fudd