• Bulls***!

    Japan to Resume Controversial Whaling Program E. Fudd

  • Stand up and fight!

    Kudos to Sea Shepherd, keep it up! Hitting them in the pocketbook is probably the only way to stop this, obviously treaties and public shame do not work…! On TV: Civil disobedience on steroids – Stopping Japan’s whaling fleet E. Fudd

  • Japan needs to GIVE UP whaling!

    Even their superstitions say it’s a bad idea! E. Fudd Taiji, “Look Not Upon a Right Whale”; In 1878 Greed Cost the Lives of Over One Hundred Japanese Whalers The superstition: Some years ago there lived a wealthy fisherman called Matsushima Tomigoro at Matsushima, in Nagasaki. He made a large fortune by whale-fishing. One night […]