• The tide may be turning…..?

    From Oceana: Victory! Strict Shark Finning Ban Moves Forward in Europe Today we moved closer to a complete ban on shark finning in the European Union! The Fisheries Committee of the European Parliament voted in Brussels today to support a strict ban on shark finning, both in European Union waters and on EU ships worldwide. […]

  • New York on the verge of banning Shark Fin sales!

    Go Go GO! E. Fudd From Care2: Shark Fin Sales Could Soon Be Banned in New York New York legislators introduced a bill on Tuesday that would ban the sale, trading, distribution and possession of shark fins in the state by as early as 2013. Similar laws have been passed in California, Hawaii, Oregon and […]

  • California Shark Fin Ban One Step Closer…..

    From Care2: California Shark Fin Ban One Step Closer To Law A bill that would make it illegal to sell, trade, or posses shark fins in California passed the State’s Senate Appropriations Committee today on a 5-2 vote. The bill, officially known as AB 376, will now move to the Senate floor, where a vote […]

  • Oregon passes Shark Fin Ban

    woo hoo! link here. E. Fudd

  • Is Seafood Sustainable? 3 part series….

    Is Seafood Sustainable? Part I: Demand for Eco-Friendly Seafood Grows Part II: The Overfishing Crisis Part III: How to Save the Ocean E. Fudd

  • Another win for sharks – Chile

    Shark Finning Outlawed In Chilean Waters Link here. E. Fudd

  • Shark fishing banned in The Bahamas

    Woo hoo! Success! Commercial Shark Fishing Banned in the Bahamas Link here. E. Fudd

  • Go California! Shark Fin Ban Passes

    Shark Fin Ban Passes In California State Assembly link here. E. Fudd