• very sad…… :(

    From Newsvine: Wayward dolphin dies in polluted New York canal NEW YORK — A wayward dolphin that meandered into a polluted urban canal, riveting onlookers as it splashed around in the filthy water and shook black gunk from its snout, died Friday evening, marine experts said. The deep-freeze weather hadn’t seemed to faze the dolphin […]

  • Free Morgan the Orca!

    Free Morgan Foundation Petition here In June 2010 a lone female orca calf was captured from the Wadden Sea, off the northwest coast of the Netherlands, under a rehabilitation and release permit. She was emaciated and dehydrated. The Dolfinarium Harderwijk took this orca, whom they named Morgan, to their facilities in order to administer medical […]

  • Japan needs to GIVE UP whaling!

    Even their superstitions say it’s a bad idea! E. Fudd Taiji, “Look Not Upon a Right Whale”; In 1878 Greed Cost the Lives of Over One Hundred Japanese Whalers The superstition: Some years ago there lived a wealthy fisherman called Matsushima Tomigoro at Matsushima, in Nagasaki. He made a large fortune by whale-fishing. One night […]

  • The Navy vs. Whales…..

    From Candace Whiting’s blog @ The Seattle P-I: e. fudd

  • Orcas off Pt. Robinson, Vashon Island!

    Very, very cool. I wish I had been there! E. Fudd Click Here and/or watch more jumpy video below:

  • Good news for whales!

    No Iceland hunt this year – woo hoo! link here. E. Fudd

  • Is Seafood Sustainable? 3 part series….

    Is Seafood Sustainable? Part I: Demand for Eco-Friendly Seafood Grows Part II: The Overfishing Crisis Part III: How to Save the Ocean E. Fudd

  • Right whale saved!

    Right on. link here. E. Fudd