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From Geekwire:

Expedia cracks down on wildlife tourism, removing some activities and promoting animal welfare

Expedia plans to conduct a thorough review of the wildlife tourism attractions bookable through its website and remove activities determined to be objectionable.

The Bellevue, Wash. travel giant is also launching a Wildlife Tourism Education Portal, which provides information about animal welfare and what kind of animal interaction might be involved in an activity.

Announcing the moves today, Expedia said it worked with The Association of Zoos and Aquariums, U.S. Wildlife Trafficking Alliance, Born Free Foundation, and The Humane Society to develop the initiative.

“Expedia can play an integral part in educating travelers about the diverse views related to wildlife tourism, so they can make informed decisions that align with how they travel and how they interact with the animals that share our planet,” Jen O’Twomney, vice president of Expedia Local Expert, said in a statement, “As travelers, it is important that we know more about the places we go, the activities we engage in, and the ways in which we leave lasting impacts on our destinations.”

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keep it up, Bob – stick it to the pesticide MAN.

From the Seattle PI:
Connelly: AG Ferguson sues Trump over a pesticide and for-profit colleges

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Seals of Lead?


From Seattle Met:
Who Is Shooting Seattle’s Sea Lions?

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might work….?

If we branded environmentalism as “macho”

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From The Seattle Times:
Federal judge rejects Dakota Access Pipeline permits, calls for do-over

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Large numbers of humpback whales have returned to NYC for the first time in a century

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Kudos, Levi’s….

We remain committed to ending climate change. Our future depends on it.

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If you can’t beat them (for now, anyway) – EAT them!

On the menu: Taking a bite out of invasive species

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National Monuments – time to Act….!

The status of 27 U.S. national monuments is being reconsidered. Leading nature photographers have created a free ebook to show you the beauty at risk. See this spectacular land. Then raise your voice to save it.

Land Almost Lost
A Call to Save Our National Monuments

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woo hoo!

From the Seattle Times:
Neighbor saves 80-acre Winterbrook Farm near Issaquah from redevelopment

“….Winterbrook Farm and its 80 acres of pastures, wetlands and wildlife habitat near Issaquah will be purchased by a couple who own adjacent land and plan to preserve it as open space. The Issaquah School Board approved the sale Friday afternoon in a special meeting.

Bellevue developer William E. Buchan Inc. notified the district Tuesday that it would not pursue its plans to build 16 luxury homes on the site, which is frequented by a local elk herd and is directly across May Valley Road from Squak Mountain State Park.

“I’m very happy and relieved. This is very, very good news,” said Val Moore, a neighbor who helped rally the community to preserve the former dairy and its 1930s barn.

Directors of the Issaquah School District, which owns the property, accepted an offer from Erik and Jennifer Johnson, who own a house on 40 acres just north of the farm. The sale price was $4.17 million. The couple made the backup offer in February and said through their real-estate agent at the time that they were interested in preserving the land and the wildlife corridor….”

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