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Puyallup Tribe plans to sue Electron Hydro for polluting Puyallup River with crumb rubber

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although i’m sure there are many more still to go. Glad to know Fla. hasn’t given up on this given CV19 and anti-environment liars running the state like DeSantis and Ron Scott.

Snakes alive! Florida removes (gulp) 5,000 pythons from the Everglades

right ON.

Washington state expected to get millions more for parks, forests as Congress approves conservation bill

Los Crows… :)

love em!

Crows might pose a challenge or two, but their intelligence and humanlike complexity resonate with Seattle like nowhere else

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First brown bear for 150 years seen in national park in northern Spain

while I think that default pic looks (honestly) like a guy in a suit, obviously the rest and the video prove i’m wrong – nice!

Go First Nations!

Indigenous input helps save wayward grizzly bear from summary killing


Behold the Biggest, Rarest Butterfly in the World

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Boeing’s assembly plant is shuttered amid 737 MAX crisis. Now the company has a falcon problem.


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love it!

The ‘greatest bird guide ever’ on race, survival, and birding while Black

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Stop Palm Oil!!!

Wildfires in Indonesia have ravaged 800,000 acres. Palm oil farmers are mostly to blame.

look at the ingredients of what you buy and STOP buying palm oil!

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