Justice is done.

As they should!

Lions ate suspected poacher

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As they should…!

10 States Are Suing Trump Administration For Clean Water

New York Leads States in Suit Over Trump Delaying Water Rule

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Right. ON.

WA steps up, fish polluters SHOVE OFF! Woo hoo!

Washington state Senate OKs phasing out Atlantic salmon net-pen farming

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GI Janes…

bad ass!

Meet the Female Rangers Fighting to Save DRC’s Last Mountain Gorillas

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BAN these!

lying, polluting, p***** of s***!!!

State investigators focus on nets plugged with mussels in Atlantic salmon net-pen failure

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The heir to Watt and Norton

two words: a**hole hack!

From The Seattle Times:
Your land is not safe in Ryan Zinke’s hands

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Scale it back, or quit altogether, please!

Making the saltwater aquarium hobby sustainable
Collecting Gone Wild

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Amazing fish!

need to do some followups to see if some of the key info in this article is still valid (11 years later) but at present, enjoy!

From Natural History, April 2006:
The Biggest Fish – Unraveling the mysteries of the whale shark

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Hells NO.

no, no, a thousand times NO.

From The Seattle Times:
‘Small potatoes,’ or climate catastrophe? Company wants to restart coal mining in King County

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