From The Seattle Times:
Volunteers save young gray whale stranded in Olympic National Park

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From The Guardian:
Trump is the past. Clean energy is the future for America and the planet

President Donald Trump’s decision to pull the US out of the historic Paris climate agreement and turn his back on the other 194 nations that signed it leaves him isolated on the world stage. But Trump is also isolated from the very Americans he purports to lead, and here lies hope.

Across America, families, businesses, churches, institutions and governments are busy building a clean energy future. And no president can stop that.

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Wesley the Owl

What a wonderful, and at times, gross, book! Similar to my recent read of Alex & Me, Wesley the Owl is a story of a woman who has a many-year direct experience with a wild bird – here, a barn owl who has a wing with nerve damage, and isn’t expected to survive in the wild.

The author is working at a biology lab at Caltech at the time, and takes Wesley in as a tiny baby owl. What follows is an amazing story that goes through many ups and downs (for both the owl and the author) but love throughout along the way. Wesley ends up living 15 years, which as the author notes, likely about 13 more than he would have in a normal wild situation (barn owls have a fairly unforgiving existence and unfortunately tend to have short lives for a variety of reasons she explains in the book).

I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have the dedication for this type of experience (any more than in the Alex case noted above) but it’s very interesting to read about it and learn, to be sure – great read!

Here’s some YouTube videos also related to the book:

Presentation from Stacey O’Brien at a writer’s conference about the book:

Other YT videos related to the book (Click here for search list)

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Vote for Stand Up To Oil!

Help stop any oil and coal trains in OR/WA by voting for Stand Up To Oil on CREDO so they can get a potentially large grant (click link below)!

Vote for these great progressive organizations this August

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From the Seattle Times:
Rare birds, wildflowers: Tahoe-area ‘Secret garden’ opens after century

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Right. ON!!!

From Geekwire:

Expedia cracks down on wildlife tourism, removing some activities and promoting animal welfare

Expedia plans to conduct a thorough review of the wildlife tourism attractions bookable through its website and remove activities determined to be objectionable.

The Bellevue, Wash. travel giant is also launching a Wildlife Tourism Education Portal, which provides information about animal welfare and what kind of animal interaction might be involved in an activity.

Announcing the moves today, Expedia said it worked with The Association of Zoos and Aquariums, U.S. Wildlife Trafficking Alliance, Born Free Foundation, and The Humane Society to develop the initiative.

“Expedia can play an integral part in educating travelers about the diverse views related to wildlife tourism, so they can make informed decisions that align with how they travel and how they interact with the animals that share our planet,” Jen O’Twomney, vice president of Expedia Local Expert, said in a statement, “As travelers, it is important that we know more about the places we go, the activities we engage in, and the ways in which we leave lasting impacts on our destinations.”

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keep it up, Bob – stick it to the pesticide MAN.

From the Seattle PI:
Connelly: AG Ferguson sues Trump over a pesticide and for-profit colleges

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Seals of Lead?


From Seattle Met:
Who Is Shooting Seattle’s Sea Lions?

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might work….?

If we branded environmentalism as “macho”

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Right. On.

From The Seattle Times:
Federal judge rejects Dakota Access Pipeline permits, calls for do-over

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