• Elwha continues to improve

    get rid of dams, look what happens! The Elwha dams are gone and chinook are surging back, but why are so few reaching the upper river? E. Fudd

  • get r’ DONE.

    Puyallup Tribe plans to sue Electron Hydro for polluting Puyallup River with crumb rubber e. fudd

  • Yes, get ‘r done!

    Oregon’s Owyhee River: A meandering stream far from a maddening campaign E. Fudd

  • Elwha: A River Reborn

    Caught this exhibit at The Burke today – amazing stuff and I really hope the effects are far-reaching, beyond just the river and its own ecosystem. At the end of the exhibit, it says there are over 80,000 dams in the USA and only 750 are being considered for removal. Surely that has to CHANGE! […]

  • Go Earthjustice!

    Fishermen Defend Increased Trinity River Flows to Protect Salmon E. Fudd

  • Elwha Dam removal – an increasing success story…

    And Slade Gorton’s perennial lies and legal obstacles to stop it – now proven the BS that they were! Suck it, Skeletor – you were WRONG. Elwha: The largest dam removal in history hits one-year mark E. Fudd

  • Energy vs. Water

    Somewhat sobering…. E. Fudd

  • Knock ’em Down! :)

    Despite years of opposition from Skeletor (otherwise known as ‘lying asshole’) and other obstinates, the Elwha river dam is coming DOWN. Cheers to the hard work of the green groups and Indian tribes who made this happen over many, many years. link here. E. Fudd