• Pericos!

    we saw these birds, many, many years ago – not long after that movie came out (that was how we knew) – we hiked to the top of Telegraph Hill from the back side, and there they were, hanging out in a big conifer – weird to see parrots in a tree like that. Anyway, […]

  • Cool….!

    From the Seattle Times: Rare birds, wildflowers: Tahoe-area ‘Secret garden’ opens after century E. Fudd

  • hawk cam!

    very cool! http://pmcs.com/about/company/hawk_cam.php About Our Visiting Red-Tailed Hawks: A pair of nesting red-tailed hawks first made their home in the decorative framework of PMC’s Sunnyvale headquarters office building in 2013, and they have returned again this year to raise their new family. We are fortunate to have them with us, and thanks to many interested […]

  • Very cool!

    From AP / Yahoo News: Rare island fox rebounds on California island CHANNEL ISLANDS NATIONAL PARK, Calif. (AP) — The rare and tiny island fox is on the verge of making a comeback from near-extinction in the northern Channel Islands, a rugged and wind-swept chain off Southern California, officials said Monday. The population of the […]

  • Save the Tesla Wilderness!

    From Care2: Save the Tesla Wilderness From Becoming a Motorcycle Park! Sign Petition Here. The California state parks system is planning to turn 3,400 acres of ecologically sensitive and historically significant wilderness into a motorcycle park. So much for the parks systems working to protect and preserve the environment and wildlife! The site is the […]

  • Little fish, BIG opportunity

    from Care2: The Bottom Line: Big Opportunity for Pacific Fish Note: This is a guest post from Lee Crockett, Director of U.S. Fisheries Campaigns at the Pew Environment Group. Our nation’s West Coast is known worldwide for the rich and iconic marine life that can be found off its shores. In fact, countless tourists travel […]

  • Endangered Flower Wins Against Major Land Developer

    RIGHT. ON. From Care2: Endangered Flower Wins Against Major Land Developer It’s hard to believe that anything could halt urban sprawl in Los Angeles County, but it looks like the job has been done — by a flower. The gravely endangered San Fernando Valley Spineflower, with help from environmental organizations and indigenous tribes, faced down […]

  • CA parks earn a reprieve – hooray!

    Great news, hoping it gets made permanent over time…! E. Fudd From The SF Chronicle: 65 state parks in California will stay open