• Right. On.

    From The Seattle Times: Federal judge rejects Dakota Access Pipeline permits, calls for do-over E. Fudd

  • This is huge…..!

    From the Seattle Weekly: Climate Activists on Trial: the Verdict is In, and it’s a Near-Win earlier story just before the trial can be read by clicking here. E. Fudd

  • Shell – still trying to game the system….

    apparently their ‘giving up’ in Alaska recently was only a feint….! Nearly 250,000 sign petition against Shell’s offshore plans E. Fudd

  • Miracles can happen….!

    Government Denies Requests to Extend Arctic Ocean Leases and Cancels Future Sales Today, the United States Department of the Interior (DOI) announced that it denied requests made by Shell and Statoil for five-year extensions of Arctic Ocean leases and that it will not hold two scheduled sales in the region. In 2014, Shell and Statoil […]

  • coal train gorge

    a vista of potential destruction – and already certain-pollution… From The Sightline Institute coal train gorge E. Fudd

  • the Plaza sellout, part two…

    Not here, not now, not EVER. A Biofuel Company That Can Hardly Make A Buck In Washington you can play the 5 min. segment off the KUOW site. E. Fudd

  • about F’ing time!

    Kudos, Obama….! Obama makes Alaska’s Bristol Bay permanently off-limits to drilling E. Fudd

  • Exxon hates the world

    Actions speak louder than words – but watch the video and decide for yourself 🙂 E. Fudd

  • That’s for sure!

    E. Fudd

  • F Doc Hastings!

    put that POS out to pasture like the moldy old goat he is! From the Seattle Times: Editorial: Rep. Doc Hastings endangers the Endangered Species Act E. Fudd