• a..MEN.!

    From The Seattle Times: More wolves killed because of the sacred cow at the public trough F Ranchers – we already pay them for their stupid cattle when killed – enough is enough!!!! E. Fudd

  • Right ON.


  • Bring ’em back!

    Just like bison, wolves, other apex species big and small, the griz deserves a place in the West again…..! Bringing Back the Great Bear E. Fudd

  • Accountability…..?!?!?

    It’s funny how easy it is to just “solve” things with a gun, funded by someone else (e.g. the American Taxpayer). High time conservative ranchers take some ‘personal responsibility’ and step UP….!!!! I have never had a problem paying into a system that compensates them for cattle losses as a result of predator species protection, […]

  • The last wolves?

    Jane Goodall, as usual, speaks the truth. But are we LISTENING? From The Washington Post: The last wolves? E. Fudd

  • Protect Denali Wolves!

    Starting with YOU, Liam Neeson! From the L.A. Times: Protect wolves at Denali National Park, wildlife activists plead From Care2: A Buffer Zone Could Go A Long Way For Wolves in Denali E. Fudd

  • Go Yellowstone Wolves!

    you restore an ecosystem major predator, and balance ensues…. E. Fudd Yellowstone Wolves Are a Windfall for Trees

  • Boycott ‘The Grey’!!

    This movie is the WORST kind of Hollywood BS! sign the petition to BOYCOTT this stupid movie here: From Care2: Why We Will Boycott “The Grey” Liam Neeson’s latest movie, The Grey, arrives in theatres everywhere today. No, this isn’t a film preview, review, or other free advertising for the flick. In fact, our goal […]

  • Idaho tries to F wolves again

    Time to recall that %*$&%($#*%&!!! governor! Adopt the OREGON plan, you stupid potatoheads! WTF!!!! link here. E. Fudd

  • Wolf Pack!

    very cool….. Link here. E. Fudd