• it *all* matters…

    Why Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante Matter now that the Dump tyranny is almost over, RESTORE our MONUMENTS! e. fudd

  • ha!

    nice – time to think TWICE about your Cliven Bundy bulls***, UT! Largest outdoor gear show abandons Salt Lake City after 20 years to protest Utah Republicans’ conservation stance love that CO ad, too 🙂 E. Fudd

  • Right. On.

    Supreme Court Preserves Victory Over Oil/Gas Development E. Fudd

  • Why Utah, Why?!?

    Isn’t Kennecott Copper and Geneva Steel pollution ENOUGH for you….?!? From Care2: First Tar Sands Mine On U.S. Soil Approved in Utah Tar sand oil has been called the dirtiest energy source on Earth. Unfortunately for our neighbors to the North, Canada is home to some of the largest deposits of tar sand oil in […]

  • Keep the Lake Great!

    Environmental Lawsuit surrounding the expansion of mineral extraction from The Great Salt Lake in Utah…. link here. and Ted Williams’ great article on the situation here. E. Fudd

  • Stop the Pebble Mine!

    Robert Redford says it much better than I… link here. E. Fudd