• it *all* matters…

    Why Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante Matter now that the Dump tyranny is almost over, RESTORE our MONUMENTS! e. fudd

  • The heir to Watt and Norton

    two words: a**hole hack! From The Seattle Times: Your land is not safe in Ryan Zinke’s hands E. Fudd

  • De Nile….

    STILL not just a river in Egypt!! From the Seattle Times: Nothing to see here, say climate deniers “….Not that everyone sees the same thing when they look at the weather map. Last year, right-wing radio host Rush Limbaugh said that hurricanes are actually part of a vast liberal plot. “It is in the interest […]

  • If we don’t hammer it home…

    it will never get done….! E. Fudd

  • hopefully not too little too late…

    These Republican Lawmakers Are Turning To Climate Action To Help Keep Their Seats E. Fudd

  • That’s for sure!

    E. Fudd

  • F Doc Hastings!

    put that POS out to pasture like the moldy old goat he is! From the Seattle Times: Editorial: Rep. Doc Hastings endangers the Endangered Species Act E. Fudd

  • R’s – still deluded, still lying.

    Republicans’ war on the environment: Time to counterattack Ayyyymen! E. Fudd.

  • GFY, T’Boone! :)

    Say it LOUD, sistah Jen! Giving Gas a Pass E. Fudd

  • Dolphin, turtle deaths a sign of sick Gulf

    What did you think, BP – that even if you (finally) started paying off the claimants it was going to magically solve the problem? No, your reputation will be toast for many years to come, and it’s well, well deserved!!!!! From Yahoo/AP: Dolphin, turtle deaths a sign of sick Gulf E. Fudd