and very cool!

World’s oldest seabird hatches new chick at Midway Atoll

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nice – time to think TWICE about your Cliven Bundy bulls***, UT!

Largest outdoor gear show abandons Salt Lake City after 20 years to protest Utah Republicans’ conservation stance

love that CO ad, too 🙂

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Seattle has lost one of the great ones.

We here at PlantAmnesty are deeply saddened to have to announce the sudden and unexpected death of Cass Turnbull, while vacationing in Hawaii with her husband. She suffered a fatal heart attack after a swim.

She was the power, the energy, the humor and the magic behind PlantAmnesty. We will miss her terribly.




Cass, RIP – you will be MISSED and we will carry on for you, rest assured!

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Up to 20,000 dead fish, other animals wash up on Nova Scotia coast

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From Five-Thirty-Eight:
Christmas Is Bird-Counting Season For 60,000 Americans

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Right On.

From the Seattle Times:

Signs of once-extinct fishers found all over Olympic Peninsula

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Cougar on Vashon?

Pretty cool….

From Crosscut:
How does a cougar end up on Vashon Island?

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Pine Time!

as in PROTECT.

West Seattle neighbors putting up a fight to protect ponderosa pine

The ponderosa pine located in the middle of the side yard of 3038 39th Ave SW isn’t just any old tree.

It’s more than 90 years old, stretches higher than 100 feet up in the sky and has become a favorite landmark in the neighborhood.

The tree is also in imminent danger of being cut down – and has become the center of a heated debate.

Lisa Parriott has lived across the street from what she calls “the Silent Giant” for the past 24 years.

She explained that the former owner of 3038 39th Ave SW sold his house last winter.

“He had this gorgeous tree on his property,” she said. “It’s perfectly straight, perfectly healthy and it frames all of our yards. We love this tree. It’s precious to us.”

Parriott said that the pine has been designated an “exceptional tree” by the Seattle Municipal Code (SMC 25.11) and therefore protected.

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Duck Season! (not Wabbit Season)…!

Got a Pest Problem? Call the Quack Squad from Great Big Story on Vimeo.

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Way to go!

From CNN:

Obama creating world’s largest protected area off Hawaii coast

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