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Making the saltwater aquarium hobby sustainable
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Amazing fish!

need to do some followups to see if some of the key info in this article is still valid (11 years later) but at present, enjoy!

From Natural History, April 2006:
The Biggest Fish – Unraveling the mysteries of the whale shark

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E. Fudd

Hells NO.

no, no, a thousand times NO.

From The Seattle Times:
‘Small potatoes,’ or climate catastrophe? Company wants to restart coal mining in King County

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Go First Nations!

hang in there – hoping the CSC does the right thing…!

From the Seattle Times:
Canada legal fight may ‘destroy the faith’ in First Nations treaties

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Truly disgusting…

for every positive article I read on conservation, species and environmental protection – there’s also stuff like this, which makes me want to lock these bastards up in a lion’s den or croc nest for the fate these people truly deserve….!

From The Seattle Times:
Suspects’ phones led Northwest investigators to carcasses in one of the biggest poaching cases they’ve ever seen

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not good.

Why You Should Think Twice About Buying Snickers, Milky Way, and Kit Kat Bars (link)

I believe Mars far more than Nestle that they are trying to change – Nestle is all but as bad as oil and mining companies with ‘mining’ bottled water and tying up natural resources for their ill-gotten PROFIT!?! (link)

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Getting there….

From The Seattle Times:
Despite signs of comeback, rare fisher to remain ‘endangered’

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De Nile….

STILL not just a river in Egypt!!

From the Seattle Times:
Nothing to see here, say climate deniers

“….Not that everyone sees the same thing when they look at the weather map. Last year, right-wing radio host Rush Limbaugh said that hurricanes are actually part of a vast liberal plot. “It is in the interest of the left to have destructive hurricanes,” he said, “because then they can blame it on climate change …”

He expanded on that as Irma bore down on South Florida, opining that media and marketers were in on the conspiracy, using hurricanes to drive viewership and sales of bottled water. “So the media benefits with the panic with increased eyeballs,” he said, “and the retailers benefit from the panic with increased sales.”

Limbaugh’s lunacy reflects right-wing orthodoxy, which favors doing nothing in response to climate change on the theory it’s all an expensive boondoggle designed to victimize innocent oil and gas companies. So you get Trump pulling the country out of the Paris climate accord and Florida Gov. Rick Scott forbidding his team to even use the term “climate change.” Where the health of our planet is concerned, Republicans essentially ask us to make a wager that science is wrong….”

E. Fudd

Poaching bastards!

it’s too bad poachers can’t be chased down naked by dogs and then thrown in a leg trap for a few hours – might cut down drastically on the number of poachers! I hope they FRY.

From The Seattle P-I:
Charges detail extensive poaching ring in Washington, Oregon

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