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From the Seattle Weekly:
Climate Activists on Trial: the Verdict is In, and it’s a Near-Win

earlier story just before the trial can be read by clicking here.

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Eco-Logica – latest issue

Issue – Invierno 2015-16 – Click Here to read…

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Shell – still trying to game the system….

apparently their ‘giving up’ in Alaska recently was only a feint….!

Nearly 250,000 sign petition against Shell’s offshore plans

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Japan to Resume Controversial Whaling Program

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From Care2:

Victory! France Becomes First Country in Europe to Ban Lion Trophies


Animal advocates are celebrating another huge victory for wildlife with an announcement that France will no longer allow hunters to bring their lion trophies home with them.

The decision follows the tragic death of Cecil the lion, which stirred international outrage, and was announced by France’s Minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, Ségolène Royal, after a screening of the documentary Blood Lions at the European Parliament last week.

The film exposes the dark side of the captive breeding and canned hunting industry in South Africa and brings to light the many problems that come with the continued exploitation of these big cats for profit, along with the lies that continue to be told to the public in an attempt to support the idea that it’s all being done in the name of conservation.

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Bring ’em back!

Just like bison, wolves, other apex species big and small, the griz deserves a place in the West again…..!

Bringing Back the Great Bear


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very cool!

From Care2:
Victory! Georgia Aquarium Won’t Be Getting Wild-Caught Belugas


“…This week a victory for everyone who has been opposing the import finally came when Georgia Aquarium announced it would give up on trying to get these belugas, writing in a statement:

As many have come to know, Georgia Aquarium has been diligent in our ongoing efforts to ensure the approval of this import. However, several weeks ago, we learned of the U.S. District Court’s denial of our permit. Although we firmly disagree with the Judge’s ruling, after much consideration we have chosen not to appeal the decision. Extending the appeal process would only add to an already lengthy series of legal proceedings, and we believe our decision is in the best interest of the beluga whales residing in Russia.

Diligent is certainly one word to describe what they’ve been doing. While the Georgia Aquarium and other facilities continue to claim keeping cetaceans captive supports education and conservation goals, the tide of public opinion continues to turn against them – especially when it comes to wild captures…..”

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Very cool…..

From The Seattle Times:

Puget Sound researchers spot another baby orca

from the earlier article on the same subject:

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Miracles can happen….!

Government Denies Requests to Extend Arctic Ocean Leases and Cancels Future Sales

Today, the United States Department of the Interior (DOI) announced that it denied requests made by Shell and Statoil for five-year extensions of Arctic Ocean leases and that it will not hold two scheduled sales in the region. In 2014, Shell and Statoil submitted requests for “suspensions of operations” for their Arctic Ocean leases. If granted, the requests would have extended the expiration of those leases by five years. DOI previously denied a similar request made by ConocoPhillips. Most of the leases held in the Beaufort Sea will expire in 2017, and leases held in the Chukchi Sea will expire in 2020. A map of leases currently held in the U.S. Arctic Ocean is available here.

Chukchi Sea Lease Sale 237 was scheduled to be held in 2016, and Beaufort Sea Lease Sale 242 was scheduled to be held in 2017. Those sales will not be held, and the government is currently considering whether to hold additional sales in the future.

Glenn Beck’s wife explains wildlife….


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