Glenn Beck’s wife explains wildlife….


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Amazing photography….

saw a note about this exhibit in the recent Alaska Airlines mag while traveling – wish I was headed to Anchorage to see it in person!

Florian Schulz: To the Arctic

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Musk Oxen

Caribou Herd

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Kill a Manta Ray, Go to Jail

Go Indonesia!

From TakePart:
Kill a Manta Ray, Go to Jail


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I hope it doesn’t come to this….!

F minus

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coal train gorge

a vista of potential destruction – and already certain-pollution…

From The Sightline Institute

coal train gorge

Sightline photo

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Whole Foods ‘vs’ Organic….

While the outwardly-stated goals are potentially laudable – John Mackey is still a HUGE douche! And the reason those other markets are competing is they smell money. WF is pretty arrogant to think they can run the market just because other competitors are coming in strong…..!

Organic farmers’ relationship with Whole Foods sours over new rating system

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Not sure this would work…

but I’d like to see a shark finning bastid try the ‘jazz hands’ move – just before he gets eaten for good!

savage chickens

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hawk cam!

very cool!

About Our Visiting Red-Tailed Hawks:

A pair of nesting red-tailed hawks first made their home in the decorative framework of PMC’s Sunnyvale headquarters office building in 2013, and they have returned again this year to raise their new family. We are fortunate to have them with us, and thanks to many interested PMC employees we can all now watch them via this streaming live video feed. Please take a moment to visit, ‘like’ and share with others our HawkCam Facebook page:

You can learn more about red-tailed hawks by visiting the red-tailed hawk Wikipedia page or the web sites of the Audubon Society or National Geographic.

You can learn more about us by looking through this site or by visiting us on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube or Twitter.

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Way to go, Bullitt!

From the Seattle Times:

Bullitt Center tops its green goals, is making energy to spare

Two years after opening, Capitol Hill’s Bullitt Center is running so efficiently that tenants paid nothing for electricity and the building generated 60 percent more than it used.

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Sad, but true….

Jen Sorenson

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