• Falcon!

    Boeing’s assembly plant is shuttered amid 737 MAX crisis. Now the company has a falcon problem. e. fudd

  • nice!

    New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern Just Announced an Ambitious Ban on Plastic Bags E. Fudd

  • The heir to Watt and Norton

    two words: a**hole hack! From The Seattle Times: Your land is not safe in Ryan Zinke’s hands E. Fudd

  • Kudos, Levi’s….

    We remain committed to ending climate change. Our future depends on it. E. Fudd

  • The greening of Adidas…

    love it! From Bloomberg: The Greening of Adidas Replacing fluorescent lights or sodium outdoor lamps with LEDs makes sense from both a conservation and an economic standpoint. While LEDs cost more upfront, their longer life span and energy efficiency mean the initial investment can be recovered in just a few years. After that, LEDs generate […]

  • Burpee Seeds and GMO’s

    Love it. It’s hard to find companies in this day and age that take much of a stand on anything, because in large part the lawyers and PR people get in the way. But this page says it all – kudos to Burpee! Burpee’s Policy on GMO’s Burpee’s Policy on Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) April […]

  • No on Susan Rice, NO!

    Susan Rice’s holdings of Canadian oil stocks raises conflict of interest E. Fudd

  • One Planet, One Vote.

    Came across this in the recent Patagonia catalog. While I am always cynical about corporations touting their green street cred, I think these guys are legit from everything I’ve read about them the past many years. Read it and judge for yourself… One Planet, One Vote In 1991, Patagonia was growing at a rate of […]

  • Well done, REI!

    Now you only have to catch IKEA: Ikea increases solar energy use E. Fudd

  • The Fight to Create America’s Newest National Park

    the battles continue – why is it so hard to protect our natural heritage? From Outside Magazine: “Burt’s Bees cofounder Roxanne Quimby wants to hand the government a new national park in northern Maine—election-year politics and residents’ NIMBYism be damned. Brian Kevin investigates the boldest conservation plan in decades…” The Fight to Create America’s Newest […]