• Right. ON.

    From the LA Times: Bill in Congress aims to take shark fins off the menu throughout the United States E. Fudd

  • Not sure this would work…

    but I’d like to see a shark finning bastid try the ‘jazz hands’ move – just before he gets eaten for good! 🙂 E. Fudd

  • Sad…..

    ….that they killed and ate it, instead of letting something that rare and wonderful go back to the sea…. Rare megamouth shark caught in Philippines

  • Right. ON!

    From Take Part: Catching Shark Finners Red-Handed How do you catch poachers in Costa Rica who cut the fins off sharks, throw the animals overboard to slowly die, and then sell the body parts to Asian restaurants that make shark fin soup? One way is to surreptitiously attach satellite tracking devices to suspected poachers’ boats […]

  • Success! New York Bans Shark Fins Unanimously

    Woo Hoo! From Care2: Success! New York Bans Shark Fins Unanimously Though many find them scary, ugly and generally repellent, the world needs sharks: they are important predators and scavengers, necessary to many different aquatic ecosystems. New York has taken a step towards stopping our species from eliminating them from the oceans: the state legislature […]

  • A.Men.(!)

    E. Fudd

  • Great news on CITES (for once!)

    Both Manta Rays and Sharks were *finally* protected this time around – thanks to all the groups who worked hard and advocated on this! From Care2: Victory for Sharks! International Trade in Shark Fins Banned Success! Manta Rays Win CITES Protection E. Fudd

  • Protect Porbeagle Sharks!

    Yet another example of man saying one thing, and doing another. Hopefully we can pull back before we kill yet another species off forever…. 🙁 From Care2: Poor Porbeagle Sharks in Desperate Need of Your Attention Whenever someone says the word “shark,” the great white from Jaws usually swims to mind. Unfortunately, many shark species, […]

  • Great News for Sharks!

    EU takes major step to protect sharks woo hoo! E. Fudd

  • Sharks……

    yet more reasons to STOP putting them in soup!!! From Care2: Sharks Have Brains Like… Ours After five shark fatalities in the past year, the Western Australian government announced a plan to hunt and kill great white sharks, an endangered species, in September. Conservationists have harshly criticized the new “shark mitigation plan to protect beach […]