• a glimmer of hope…

    Blue whale sightings off South Georgia raise hopes of recovery

  • Hooray!

    From The Seattle Times: Volunteers save young gray whale stranded in Olympic National Park E. Fudd

  • Wowsa….

    Large numbers of humpback whales have returned to NYC for the first time in a century E. Fudd

  • How a Snotbot Drone Could Save Endangered Whales

    I’m open to…if not enthusiastic about….the idea… How a Snotbot Drone Could Save Endangered Whales E. Fudd

  • Bulls***!

    Japan to Resume Controversial Whaling Program E. Fudd

  • very cool!

    From Care2: Victory! Georgia Aquarium Won’t Be Getting Wild-Caught Belugas “…This week a victory for everyone who has been opposing the import finally came when Georgia Aquarium announced it would give up on trying to get these belugas, writing in a statement: As many have come to know, Georgia Aquarium has been diligent in our […]

  • very sad….

    Valiant effort to save blue whale stranded on Nicaragua beach E. Fudd

  • Wow is right!

    From the Seattle PI: Wow photos: Two orcas leaping in the NW and more click through above to see the other great photos! candybowl

  • Stand up and fight!

    Kudos to Sea Shepherd, keep it up! Hitting them in the pocketbook is probably the only way to stop this, obviously treaties and public shame do not work…! On TV: Civil disobedience on steroids – Stopping Japan’s whaling fleet E. Fudd

  • Simply amazing….

    Sure wish I’d been on that boat! From the Seattle P-I: Photos: An ‘epic’ humpback encounter in the NW E. Fudd