• Wowsa….

    Large numbers of humpback whales have returned to NYC for the first time in a century E. Fudd

  • Burpee Seeds and GMO’s

    Love it. It’s hard to find companies in this day and age that take much of a stand on anything, because in large part the lawyers and PR people get in the way. But this page says it all – kudos to Burpee! Burpee’s Policy on GMO’s Burpee’s Policy on Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) April […]

  • A ‘great green belt’ in Africa?

    Works for me! From National Geographic: Africa-wide “Great Green Wall” to Halt Sahara’s Spread? China built its famous Great Wall to keep out marauders. Now, millennia later, a “Great Green Wall” may rise in Africa to deter another, equally relentless invader: sand. The proposed wall of trees would stretch from Senegal to Djibouti as part […]

  • Sobering….

    E. Fudd

  • Little fish, BIG opportunity

    from Care2: The Bottom Line: Big Opportunity for Pacific Fish Note: This is a guest post from Lee Crockett, Director of U.S. Fisheries Campaigns at the Pew Environment Group. Our nation’s West Coast is known worldwide for the rich and iconic marine life that can be found off its shores. In fact, countless tourists travel […]

  • Food Co-ops RULE! :)

    We are SO lucky in Seattle to have PCC Natural Markets, a shining example of what a food co-op (and grocer, for that matter) can be! This infographic proves the point even more…. E. Fudd

  • Why not? :)

    E. Fudd

  • Code Green nails it again!

    Perhaps a tad cynical, but pretty much right on the money…. E. Fudd

  • What we could do, if we decide to give a crap….!

    E. Fudd……

  • Carbon footprint?

    from the Sierra Club: DON’T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF Does eating bananas make you feel guilty? After all, they had to travel thousands of miles to reach your breakfast cereal. But the carbon footprint of a banana is only one-fifth that of a pint of imported beer. How about using plastic bags? It turns out […]