• Justice is done.

    As they should! Lions ate suspected poacher E. Fudd

  • Truly disgusting…

    for every positive article I read on conservation, species and environmental protection – there’s also stuff like this, which makes me want to lock these bastards up in a lion’s den or croc nest for the fate these people truly deserve….! From The Seattle Times: Suspects’ phones led Northwest investigators to carcasses in one of […]

  • F U, Wentz!

    there is a cold place in hell for people like you, Wentz! ‘Big pool of blood’: Redmond man shoots cougar in research cage E. Fudd

  • Cougar on Vashon?

    Pretty cool…. From Crosscut: How does a cougar end up on Vashon Island? E. Fudd

  • wow….!

    very cool…. From Yahoo News: Skiiers have a surprise encounter with a rare snow leopard in India Leopard in the snow in Gulmarg, Kashmir E. Fudd

  • Right. On.

    From Care2: Victory! France Becomes First Country in Europe to Ban Lion Trophies Animal advocates are celebrating another huge victory for wildlife with an announcement that France will no longer allow hunters to bring their lion trophies home with them. The decision follows the tragic death of Cecil the lion, which stirred international outrage, and […]

  • Go Snow Leopard Trust!

    great backgrounder on a local Seattle green success story… From The Seattle Globalist: Local love for the world’s cutest (and most endangered) cats E. Fudd

  • Very cool – I hope he survives!

    From The Sideshow: Extremely rare jaguar spotted near Arizona mountains E. Fudd

  • Sad…..

    E. Fudd

  • Time running out for Big Cats….

    from Care2: Big Cat Week Did you know that there are now more tigers living in captivity than there are in the wild? The big cats of the world are disappearing at alarming rates. National Geographic Society and Explorers-in-Residence Dereck and Beverly Joubert, launched the Big Cats Initiative to help spread the word and hopefully […]