• Duck Season! (not Wabbit Season)…!

    Got a Pest Problem? Call the Quack Squad from Great Big Story on Vimeo. E. Fudd

  • (Forest) of Dreams….

    If you protect it, they will come (back)….! Birds flock to native forest restored at Discovery Park. But will it continue to mature? E. Fudd

  • hawk cam!

    very cool! http://pmcs.com/about/company/hawk_cam.php About Our Visiting Red-Tailed Hawks: A pair of nesting red-tailed hawks first made their home in the decorative framework of PMC’s Sunnyvale headquarters office building in 2013, and they have returned again this year to raise their new family. We are fortunate to have them with us, and thanks to many interested […]

  • zanate!

    just got back from vacation in Puerto Vallarta – enjoyed watching these crazy ‘zanates’ (otherwise known as a grackle) zip around and make weird noises all day – Zanate! E. Fudd

  • Waxwings in da house!

    I am not sure i’ve seen these guys in the wild before the other day, when one (unfortunately) hit our front window. Thankfully he just hung out in the tree out front until he was ok, then a bit later, three of them were up high in the neighbor’s tree. I think these were Cedar […]

  • Very cool….

    It’s patently obvious by now that the efforts made in the 70s and 80s to ban DDT and other pesticides (besides ESA listings) are paying off big time in eagle recoveries. Sadly we are doing the exact OPPOSITE with wolves and proving we do NOT learn from history when we politicize the environment! From The […]

  • Very cool!

    From AP / Yahoo News: Rare island fox rebounds on California island CHANNEL ISLANDS NATIONAL PARK, Calif. (AP) — The rare and tiny island fox is on the verge of making a comeback from near-extinction in the northern Channel Islands, a rugged and wind-swept chain off Southern California, officials said Monday. The population of the […]

  • Red Crossbils in town….!

    Very cool! Hope I get to see one soon too …. 🙂 Red crossbills still here – for the summer? Red Crossbill madness hits Seattle! (They’re a bird, not a team)

  • Dolphin, turtle deaths a sign of sick Gulf

    What did you think, BP – that even if you (finally) started paying off the claimants it was going to magically solve the problem? No, your reputation will be toast for many years to come, and it’s well, well deserved!!!!! From Yahoo/AP: Dolphin, turtle deaths a sign of sick Gulf E. Fudd

  • Beans to support Birds…

    When you buy beans, remember the birds! – E. Fudd Bird-Friendly Coffee Supports Critical Winter Habitat It’s winter, do you know where your birds are? For many bands of the summer songbird rainbow—Baltimore Orioles (at right), Scarlet Tanagers, and 17 species of warblers—the answer could be Central and South American coffee farms. Forty-two migratory songbird […]