• GFY, T’Boone! :)

    Say it LOUD, sistah Jen! Giving Gas a Pass E. Fudd

  • The Fracking Corruption train, rolls on….

    From Campus Progress: Fracking: Coming Soon to a Campus Near You (and another: Gas Drillers’ Cozy Relationship with Universities) Fracking rigs reared their ugly heads at schools across the country, making the student-led push for universities and colleges to divest their endowments from the top 200 oil-and-gas companies tougher at some campuses. The Pennsylvania legislature […]

  • yet another Fracking debacle….

    to all those advocates of ‘local control’ – when you stop being hypocrites, we can talk…. E. Fudd From Mother Jones: States Aren’t Enforcing Their Own Oil and Gas Rules The biggest domestic oil and gas boom in a generation is going unpoliced by regulators in many states, according to a report released today by […]

  • Go Bulgaria!!

    From Care2: Bulgaria Becomes the Second European Country To Ban Fracking A few weeks ago the Bulgarian parliament voted to ban Chevron from using hydraulic fracturing, better known as fracking, to drill for natural gas in the country’s northeast. The parliament voted to amend the exploration license, awarded to Chevron in June 2010, for five […]