• What do people think about Earth Day?

    interesting infographic – E. Fudd

  • ‘Green up’ your daily coffee.

    From the Seattle Times: When making your coffee choice, just make sure that it’s ‘green’ The most important coffee choice we can make is to reduce the environmental impact of Seattle’s favorite legal drug. By Tom Watson Special to The Seattle Times Our modern society inundates us with choices, and coffee is no exception. At […]

  • The Lorax sells out….

    Dr Seuss is doing backflips in the grave about now… E. Fudd

  • Because De Nile isn’t just a river in Egypt…

    Amen, Code Green! E. Fudd

  • WSJ eats crow on climate science!

    and none deserve it more!  To their (tiny) credit, they at least published the letter….. E. Fudd From the WSJ: Check With Climate Scientists for Views on Climate

  • Yep……!

    E. Fudd

  • Who Owns Organic?

    Some great info here, including an infographic/diagram of acquisitions through 2009. According to this site, changes since June 2009 include (1) Coca-Cola fully acquiring Honest Tea in March 2011; (2) Nestle’s acquisitions of Cadbury (and Green & Black’s) in January, 2010, and Sweet Leaf Tea in May, 2011; (3) Sara Lee’s acquisition of Aidell’s Sausage […]

  • NW Biodiesel Oct. Education Forum (10/25)

    Hello Biodiesel Enthusiasts. We are pleased to announce that the October Monthly Education Forum will focus on Fuel Quality and Performance Issues, and feature speakers from government, production, distribution and testing. More Information, including the speakers, is below. Fuel Quality and Performance Issues Tuesday, October 25, 2011, 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm @ Phinney Community […]

  • Amen!

    E. Fudd

  • First Annual Biodiesel Car Show and Education Forum

    NW Biodiesel Network (www.nwbiodiesel.org) presents the first Annual Biodiesel Car Show and Education Forum: Saturday, August 20, 2011, 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm at the Phinney Community Center, 6532 Phinney Ave. N, Seattle WA 98103. Ever wonder what cars can run biodiesel? Will the 2011 cars work with biodiesel? Do you need to make modifications? […]