• Right ON.


  • Yes, get ‘r done!

    Oregon’s Owyhee River: A meandering stream far from a maddening campaign E. Fudd

  • F Nestle!

    no better than Monsanto or an oil company in the end – you got yours (now we have to stop them in a likely subsequent lawsuit)! Victory! Oregon Voters Say ‘No’ to Nestle E. Fudd

  • coal train gorge

    a vista of potential destruction – and already certain-pollution… From The Sightline Institute coal train gorge E. Fudd

  • Holly time bomb in NW forests…

    scary. Especially when we have two in our own yard and many around the neighborhood….there was a note in the latest NCCC issue, but here’s a similar article: No songs of praise for holly, ivy in Northwest forests E. Fudd

  • Little fish, BIG opportunity

    from Care2: The Bottom Line: Big Opportunity for Pacific Fish Note: This is a guest post from Lee Crockett, Director of U.S. Fisheries Campaigns at the Pew Environment Group. Our nation’s West Coast is known worldwide for the rich and iconic marine life that can be found off its shores. In fact, countless tourists travel […]

  • NW Biodiesel Network – Nov. 22 Education Forum

    NW Biodiesel Network (www.nwbiodiesel.org) November Education Forum: “The State of Biodiesel” Tuesday, November 22, 2011, 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm @ Phinney Community Center, 6532 Phinney Ave. N, Seattle WA 98103 The State of Biodiesel After taking a beating in 2010 because of the expiration of the Biodiesel Blender’s credit, the US Biodiesel industry is […]

  • Action Alerts on Plastic Bags…

    From the Alliance for Natural Health: Three major plastic bag manufacturers are suing eco-friendly ChicoBag simply for citing scientific facts and statistics. Strike back with our new Action Alert! Rest of the article here. Action Alert for WA here. Action Alert for OR here. Action Alerts for the other states at the bottom of the […]