• Right…. On…..

    From The Seattle Times: Thousands march in NYC, around globe over climate Accompanied by drumbeats, wearing costumes and carrying signs, thousands of demonstrators filled the streets of Manhattan and other cities around the world on Sunday to urge policy makers to take action on climate change. The crowds of marchers, which included actors Mark Ruffalo […]

  • Burpee Seeds and GMO’s

    Love it. It’s hard to find companies in this day and age that take much of a stand on anything, because in large part the lawyers and PR people get in the way. But this page says it all – kudos to Burpee! Burpee’s Policy on GMO’s Burpee’s Policy on Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) April […]

  • That’s for sure!

    E. Fudd

  • Right. On.

    General Biodiesel breaks ground in AK General Biodiesel puts its money where its heart is – protecting the environment. E. Fudd

  • GFY, Butch Otter…!

    and kudos to Chobani for doing the right thing! E. Fudd

  • F Doc Hastings!

    put that POS out to pasture like the moldy old goat he is! From the Seattle Times: Editorial: Rep. Doc Hastings endangers the Endangered Species Act E. Fudd

  • Stand up and fight!

    Kudos to Sea Shepherd, keep it up! Hitting them in the pocketbook is probably the only way to stop this, obviously treaties and public shame do not work…! On TV: Civil disobedience on steroids – Stopping Japan’s whaling fleet E. Fudd

  • Right. On.

    Supreme Court Preserves Victory Over Oil/Gas Development E. Fudd

  • Go Earthjustice!

    Fishermen Defend Increased Trinity River Flows to Protect Salmon E. Fudd

  • A ‘great green belt’ in Africa?

    Works for me! From National Geographic: Africa-wide “Great Green Wall” to Halt Sahara’s Spread? China built its famous Great Wall to keep out marauders. Now, millennia later, a “Great Green Wall” may rise in Africa to deter another, equally relentless invader: sand. The proposed wall of trees would stretch from Senegal to Djibouti as part […]