Support the Highways BEE Act!

Support Highways Bettering the Economy and Environment Act
(Highways BEE Act)

About this petition:

You can help bees and other pollinators by signing on to Group Letter (and shown BELOW) supporting the Highways BEE Act (Highways Bettering the Economy and Environment Act), H.R. 2381, this legislation was introduced during National Pollinator Week, on June 23, 2011. Check out your state on the letter, and see who has already signed on. Then help grow the list!

The bill promotes conservation practices on 17 million acres of highway rights-of-ways (ROWs) by encouraging reduced mowing and native plantings that provide improved habitat for pollinators, ground nesting birds and other small wildlife. No new monies are requested and this bill is designed to save money for states. Click Here for additional background on the legislation.

Click here to support the Act!

E. Fudd