Bumble Bee Garden Kits – get yours by April 22!

From the Xerces Society:

Spring ahead with Bumble Bee Garden Kits

Spring is just around the corner, and now is a great time to start planning your pollinator garden for the year ahead. For the first time ever, the Xerces Society is pleased to offer a Bumble Bee Garden Kit consisting of some of the best native wildflowers for attracting bumble bees in the United States.

The bumble bee garden kit includes ten different species (38 plants total) that are suitable for gardens in most of the country. The flowers will provide bloom from spring to fall, supporting bumble bees throughout their active season. While the plant species have been selected for bumble bee appeal, they are broadly attractive to an incredible diversity of pollinators.

The kits are produced in collaboration with JFNew Nursery, a national leader in natural areas restoration. Every effort is made to avoid the use of pesticides in the propagation of the kits (small amounts of soap may be needed in the greenhouse for aphid control, but long lasting systemic insecticides are not used!). The plants will ship as live plugs ready for planting during Pollinator Week 2011 (June 19-25)…..”