Milkweed for Monarchs!

Cool Kickstarter project…. E. Fudd

Milkweed for Monarchs Butterfly Garden


Our goal is to help restore monarch butterflies in North America, starting with our own yard. With your help, our project will create a Monarch Waystation that is certified by

Monarch butterfly numbers are plummeting because of a lack of milkweed and severe storms in their overwintering grounds in Mexico. Monarch Waystations (monarch habitats) are gardens that include the right plants to support the entire monarch life cycle. This requires milkweed for caterpillars, nectar plants for adults, protection from wind, weather, and predators, and maintenance without the use of pesticides.

We ask you to join us and are grateful for whatever level of support you feel comfortable with. In return, you will receive your choice of Custom Milkweed and/or Nectar Seed Packets, Awesome Screen Savers, Museum-quality Photographs, and/or personal time with two passionate conservationists.


Kickstarter is all or nothing. We HAVE to raise our goal or no money gets transferred. Your donation will be charged to your credit card after our Kickstarter Project ends if, and only if, we meet our goal.

We will be forever grateful to each and everyone one of you who contributes. THANK YOU!


Your support will fund the materials and services listed below.

* Landscaping expert to confirm design layout for raised flower beds and best host, nectar, and windscreen plant selection, number, and placement
* Raised flower beds to build this fall adjacent to our BioHedge. This will optimize access to existing early and late season nectar sources (trees and shrubs) and reduce deer fence and irrigation expenses (We provide the labor) Also, since many types of milkweed require extended periods of cold (winter) before they will germinate, we will have time to plant them by November.
* Clean fertile soil (Need soil delivered)
* Drip irrigation system (Leo will install)
* Deer fence to extend around BioHedge and new raised beds (We provide the labor)
* Milkweed and nectar plants and seeds plus flowering shrubs for windscreens and additional nectar
* Grow lights and tabletop greenhouses to start seeds inside
* Compost Bin to create rich, natural fertilizer
* Caterpillar sleeves and mesh greenhouse to “Raise and Release” eggs and caterpillars found on nearby milkweed


After our Monarch Waystation is established, our plan is to begin breeding monarchs and releasing them back into the wild. Why? In the wild, a monarch egg has about a 3-5% survival rate. Butterfly breeders report a 95% survival rate.

Later, after we have mastered the art of monarch breeding, we will launch a statewide campaign to restore butterflies by involving Montana teachers. We will offer free monarch eggs and caterpillars to teachers who create a classroom project that results in a Monarch Waystation*. Grant money for school gardens is available as well as many free online resources for classroom projects. We’ll share our sources to find them.

Finally – We live 30 miles from Yellowstone National Park, which draws 3 million visitors a year. Our ultimate goal is to create an interpretive traveling exhibit, including live butterflies, and promote Monarch Waystations during summer presentations held in or near the park.

That’s our vision, and it all starts with YOUR help!

If you’d like to join us and restore monarchs in YOUR area, as well, we’ve put together some great rewards for you!