• Bulls***!

    Japan to Resume Controversial Whaling Program E. Fudd

  • Bring ’em back!

    Just like bison, wolves, other apex species big and small, the griz deserves a place in the West again…..! Bringing Back the Great Bear E. Fudd

  • very cool!

    From Care2: Victory! Georgia Aquarium Won’t Be Getting Wild-Caught Belugas “…This week a victory for everyone who has been opposing the import finally came when Georgia Aquarium announced it would give up on trying to get these belugas, writing in a statement: As many have come to know, Georgia Aquarium has been diligent in our […]

  • I hope it doesn’t come to this….!

    E. Fudd

  • Sad…..

    ….that they killed and ate it, instead of letting something that rare and wonderful go back to the sea…. Rare megamouth shark caught in Philippines

  • Bat burritos!

    cute little guys… E. Fudd

  • very sad….

    Valiant effort to save blue whale stranded on Nicaragua beach E. Fudd

  • At least they saved some of them….

    very tragic! Hundreds of Baby Flying Foxes Are Rescued After a Heat Wave in Australia E. Fudd

  • Chinook in the Elwha!

    very, very cool…. From the Seattle Times/AP: Chinook spotted in upper reaches of Elwha River PORT ANGELES — Olympic National Park says that for the first time in more than a century, chinook salmon have been spotted in the upper reaches of the Elwha River following the recent removal of two dams. Fisheries staff equipped […]

  • Wow is right!

    From the Seattle PI: Wow photos: Two orcas leaping in the NW and more click through above to see the other great photos! candybowl