• Way to go, Bullitt!

    From the Seattle Times: Bullitt Center tops its green goals, is making energy to spare Two years after opening, Capitol Hill’s Bullitt Center is running so efficiently that tenants paid nothing for electricity and the building generated 60 percent more than it used. E. Fudd

  • Very cool…

    hoping to get down there in a day or so to check out the salmon… Welcoming chum salmon home to Pipers Creek E. Fudd

  • A ‘great green belt’ in Africa?

    Works for me! From National Geographic: Africa-wide “Great Green Wall” to Halt Sahara’s Spread? China built its famous Great Wall to keep out marauders. Now, millennia later, a “Great Green Wall” may rise in Africa to deter another, equally relentless invader: sand. The proposed wall of trees would stretch from Senegal to Djibouti as part […]

  • Green Defaults?

    Not sure it’s quite as easy as he pitches here, but it’s definitely worth looking into…. From BusinessWeek: With Clean-Energy Default Rules, It’s Easy Being Green Last month, President Obama proposed a federal investment of $2 billion during the next decade for research on alternative sources of fuel for cars, trucks, and buses. The move […]

  • Milkweed for Monarchs!

    Cool Kickstarter project…. E. Fudd Milkweed for Monarchs Butterfly Garden WHAT’S THIS PROJECT ALL ABOUT? Our goal is to help restore monarch butterflies in North America, starting with our own yard. With your help, our project will create a Monarch Waystation that is certified by MonarchWatch.org. Monarch butterfly numbers are plummeting because of a lack […]

  • A current assessment of ocean health – not good!

    From Care2: World Ocean Health – A Failing Grade and from the source article in Nature (entire article avail. for purchase at link with higher-res images included of course): E. Fudd

  • Food Co-ops RULE! :)

    We are SO lucky in Seattle to have PCC Natural Markets, a shining example of what a food co-op (and grocer, for that matter) can be! This infographic proves the point even more…. E. Fudd

  • Why not? :)

    E. Fudd

  • Code Green nails it again!

    Perhaps a tad cynical, but pretty much right on the money…. E. Fudd

  • What we could do, if we decide to give a crap….!

    E. Fudd……